Validation / Invalidation

Our team is equipped to conduct Validity/Invalidity searches which are exhaustive and involve almost the same principle. The purpose for validity search is different from invalidity search. The purpose is differentiated with clarity in the search report where the detailed report on the claims is prepared by our competent team.

The invalidation search is conducted as a safety jacket against infringement suits by invalidating the claims of the invention in question. The conclusions on invalidation are drawn by finding out the missing prior art(s).

A validation report assists the client in deciding the commercial viability of their product/invention and further helps in licensing, agreements and other contracts with respect to the invention. A meticulously put up validity report ensures an augmented commercial value for the product.

Technical Expertise:

  • Chemistry
  • Mechanical
  • Communications
  • Electronics
  • Pharma
  • Medical
  • Software Programming