IP Block

IP Block is a blockchain-driven platform which is built to record and maintain your creative and industrial data in the digital space.

Our blockchain driven algorithms (patent pending) offers a unique solution to overcome the legal challenges faced by the creative individuals and industries in claiming the ownership of data.

The major motive of our powerful and disruptive platform is to lay a digital path to the world leading to an encrypted storage of intangible asset. Our platform is designed to securely upload the data to public blockchain for encryption resulting in generation of a digital certificate that establishes ownership and proof of existence of your intellectual work or any type of legal document.

Our platform provides incredibly seamless tools in generating immutable and time verifiable records of your Intellectual work (Inventions, Designs, Research and Experimental Results, Clinical Trials, Logos, Brand names, Tag lines, artistic and literacy work, audio and video recordings, manuals, software etc.). The futuristic solutions offered by our platform is not just limited to recording and management of your Intellectual Property, but is obviously extendable for multiple legal applications (Confidentiality Agreements, Licensing Agreements, Memorandum-of-Understanding, Academic and professional certificates, etc.) where the emphasis relies in establishing legally acceptable proof of existence or proof of ownership.

How it works?

Step 1: Get a Hash
Upload your intellectual content/legal agreement and get an unique cryptographic hash.

Step 2: Register with Blockchain
Your unique cryptographic hash is saved to distributed ledger tagged with an immutable transaction.

Step 3: Get a Certificate
A certificate is sent to your email for the upload with a timestamp.

Why Timestamp?

We believe in proper enforcement of Intellectual property Rights (IPR) can be achieved only with proper ownership records. A timestamp gives strong legal evidence that the contents of work existed or created at a point-in-time.

In the event of proving ownership of creation or existence, blockchain can be an effective and acceptable means for recording your intellectual work and making it a legally acceptable proof. For any individual or a legal entity blockchain provides tamper-proof evidence of ownership with a date and time value. Once your work has been registered to a blockchain, it cannot be lost or tampered. Theoretically, third parties can use the blockchain transaction details to see the complete ownership of work.

Typical use case: Prior to filing a patent application there is no protection until the invention details are maintained or executed confidentially among trusted agents. Unfortunately, it may sometimes happen that technology is blocked for using or executing by a competitor securing IP for the same. In this case, securing invention details or research work in a blockchain would help in providing proof of prior usage and strongly defend IP suites which may arise due to unintentional activities or by coincidence.

The use case may be fairly extended to Research and Development organizations where there are continuous failed trials which may finally lead to a one or more successful formulations or multiple variants of identical or non-identical products. Every trial may not be worth protecting as Intellectual Property Right, but securing every trial, either failed or success, as and when possible to a blockchain will be sufficient enough to prove the ownership of research work.

IP block provides economical process which is much easier to start using and adapt.