About Us

Patent Sketch is a patent illustration company that offers the fullest possible service in aiding drawing preparation for intellectual property. The success that we have is based on the speed, efficiency, high quality and customized services that we are able to consistently provide to every customer.

The work that we do requires a great deal of skill. Utility patent drawings, illustrations for design patents and trademark drawings all call for attention to detail and a great level of quality, something that we pride ourselves on providing.

  • Design Patent drawings
  • Utility Patent drawings
  • Electronic Drawings
  • Flow Charts
  • Complex Mechanical Drawings
  • Trademark drawings
  • Chemical Formula Drawings
  • Graphs and Screen Shots


Certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise

What our clients say

  • I have employed services of Patent Sketch for my utility and design patent drawings. Their output exceeded my expectations starting from formalization to revisions. I strongly recommend availing their services and utilizing their capabilities of delivering high quality drawings for quick turnaround requirements.

    William Carl | Patent Attorney

  • Patent Sketch drafting team maintains excellent standards for the drawings by paying attention to minute details. Their prompt turnaround accompanied with competitive pricing is highly appreciable.

    Michael Stephen J | Patent Attorney