Response To Office Action

Patent applicants should give a timely response to the restriction requirements, non-final office actions and final office actions received from the patent offices for the prosecution of the patent application to continue. Other official letters such as notice to file missing parts, notice to file corrected application papers, notice of allowance etc. also require a timely and fitting response. Patent Sketch responds to the patent examiner’s objections or rejections put forth in office actions in a competent manner with sound arguments and/or necessary amendments. Our team of technology specialists can assist response to an office action by providing the technological arguments needed to counter the examiner’s query related to the technology. The domain knowledge of our team had come in handy for differentiating and distinguishing the patent application under prosecution from the prior art cited by the examiners and accordingly amend the claims.

We also assist our clients in filing requests for reconsideration, requests for continued examination (RCE) or an appeal against a rejection, wherever applicable.